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Nebraska Inmate Information Locator Prisoners are searchable by name or state identification number. Inmate records include photos, sentenced offenses, race, gender, projected release date and aliases. New Jersey Offender Search This inmate locator offers extensive search options, including hair color, eye color, race, and date of birth or age.

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Database records include photos, which may be disabled for faster search access. New York Inmate information Prisoners may be looked up by name, birth year and state identification numbers.

According to the web site, "Everyone sentenced to state prison since the early 's is listed in the database, except youthful offenders and those who have had their convictions set aside by a court. There are several reasons for this policy.


North Carolina Offender Public Information Search by name, gender,ethnic group, age range or ID number for public information on inmates, probationers or parolees since Also includes information on inmate releases and escapees. Ohio Offender Search Inmate locater searchable by a number of criteria, including name, whether incarcerated or on parole, parole hearing date or state identification number.

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Maintained by the Oklahoma Department of Corrections. Oregon Oregon Offender Search Search for inmates incarcerated in state institutions. Pennsylvania Inmate Locator Inmate database searchable by number of criteria including name, committing county, citizenship status, date of birth or age. Records by be sorted by name, race, location, inmate number, committing county or date of birth. Records include sentence and charge history plus age and known aliases.

South Carolina Inmate Search The search displays photographs and public information on inmates currently sentenced to and incarcerated in South Carolina prisons. Tennessee Felony offender information.

Texas Offender Information Search This inmate locater is searchable by name, race, and state identification numbers. Records include projected release date. Utah Offender Search Search for an inmate by name or offender number. Records include prisoner number, name, date of birth, description and aliases.

Washington Inmate Search Searchable by name or Dept.

The California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation CDCR provides this Inmate Locator as a public service to promote public safety and welfare while giving access to selected offender information. This website is provided as an informational service only and does not constitute, and should not be relied upon as, an official record of CDCR.

It may contain errors or omissions, and may not reflect the true name, age, CDCR number, current location, admitted date, or parole eligible date of any individual. CDCR makes no representation, express or implied, that the information on this site is complete, timely or accurate.

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Each prison sets its own visiting hours. By law, an inmate gets at least four hours of visiting time per month. Inmates at federal prisons have bank-type accounts that they can use to buy things. You can deposit money into a federal inmate's account by:.

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If the inmate is at a private contract facility , contact that facility or the contract operator for instructions on how to send funds. Options for sending money to inmates in state and local prisons vary. Contact the state or local correctional department for more information. Search by name for former inmates at each location to see if they served time there.