The consiquences for juvenile sex offenders

Some sex offender management boards only address problems concerning adult sex offenders and help enhance policies and practices for that population, such as the California Sex Offender Management Board CASOMB.

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Such standards can help counteract the focus on criminalization and utilize more treatment-focused options. Yes, juvenile sex offenders need to be held accountable for their actions and the choices they make. Yes, they must adhere to the law.

Should Children Be Registered as Sex Offenders?

A more comprehensive approach would consider whether the consequences fit the act and the age. These actions only came into light when a teen who saw the messages told an adult. In this case, three teens were charged with obscenity, transmitting or possession of child pornography by a minor, as well as felony counts of possession of child pornography and obscenities as to minors.

Juvenile Arrests for Sex Offenses

The other 20 were referred to a community-based Juvenile Review Board. The criminal case and community-based review board will determine the life these youths will live, some as convicted and registered sex offenders. Criminal justice and sex offender management systems utilizing a continuum of care approach can, in these types of cases, encourage a dialogue to address various levels of sexual violence committed by youth, and also their victimization, with consideration to alternatives to accountability beyond criminalization. We need to have critical conversations on effective therapeutic interventions for juvenile sex offenders with a framework that promotes healing and rehabilitation.

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There must be a tiered and context-specific approach to accountability—a system that takes into account the age, development, and seriousness of abuse, and connects with appropriate consequences and supports. My Bibliography Add to Bibliography. Generate a file for use with external citation management software. Create File.

Juvenile Sex Offense Issues

Sex Abuse. Epub Mar 1. Abstract Among many in the research, policy, and practice communities, the application of sex offender registration and notification SORN to juveniles who sexually offend JSO has raised ongoing concerns regarding the potential collateral impacts on youths' social, mental health, and academic adjustment. Supplemental Content Full text links. The results suggest that there is a large gap between research and practice in the treatment of juveniles who commit sexual offenses, and despite the fact that CBT is the most widely used method in programs around the U.

This could be due to several factors, such as:. Multi-systemic therapy for problem sexual behavior MST-PSB has demonstrated significant effects on the recidivism of juveniles in committing sexual offenses in three randomized clinical trials, which can be viewed in the aforementioned study, yet has not been studied outside of the research developers, and it continues not to be widely used when compared to CBT Dopp et al.

Another study reviewed three treatment approaches for working with juveniles who commit sexual offenses; CBT, MST and dynamic approaches using a psychodynamic therapy method. All show promise when the approach is well-organized, delivered by trained and supervised staff, and specific for juveniles who have committed a sexual offense Vizard, There is considerable room for the development of evidence-based treatments for juveniles who have committed a sexual offense.

A comprehensive view of risk factors, development, typology or offender sub-type, protective factors, family considerations, and attachment styles should be considered in the design and assessment of these protocols. Partnerships between clinical scientists, practitioners, and community stakeholders will be essential in the development, implementation, promotion, and dissemination of these evidence-based treatments.

There are several components of treatment need for this population that is largely understudied, and the more we understand the risks, needs, and developmental factors, the more effectively we can inform and guide treatment programs and allocate resources accordingly.

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Brenda Frye earned a B. A in Psychology at the University of Minnesota, an M. She has served in academic, consultative, and director roles in university settings, on research projects, and community-based and residential treatment programs.

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Additional professional interests include consultation activities such as the trainings she provided for Substance Abuse Foundation SAF in Barbados, West Indies on evidence-based treatment practices for co-occurring disorders for women, clinical supervision, and program development. She teaches and conducts training on topics related to forensic psychology, research methods, treatment of sexual offenders, trauma informed practice, and anxiety disorders.

Barbaree, H. The Juvenile Sex Offender.

Juvenile Sex Offender Policy

The Juvenile Sex Offender, 2 nd Edition. Dopp, A. Evidence-based treatments for juvenile sexual offenders: review and recommendations. Journal of Aggression, Conflict and Peace Research, 7, Elliot, J. The treatment of serious juvenile delinquents in Massachusetts. Educational Psychology in Practice, 3, Groth, A. Pierre, J. Henggeler, S.