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Two sources cited by NBC said he may have attempted to hang himself, while another source suggested the injuries were so minor that he may have simply been trying to get himself transferred.

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An assault has also not been ruled out, with a fourth source saying a former police officer serving time on drug and murder charges has been questioned. After initially being put into the general population at the Metropolitan Correctional Center, Epstein had been moved to solitary protective custody after other inmates threatened him, another source familiar with his conditions has told The Daily Beast.

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  7. Barket said a report that his client, Nick Tartaglione, had been questioned about a possible assault on Epstein was inaccurate. But U. District Judge Richard Berman shot down the request earlier this week, finding that Epstein was a flight risk and unable to control his sexual urges.

    What Jail Is Like for Jeffrey Epstein

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    Jeffrey Epstein Found Injured in Manhattan Jail Cell

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