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This data is provided as a point of reference to reflect on, but not as a guarantee of what's to come in the future.

Houston Real Estate Appreciation Rates

If that does happen, you can be sure that we will be publishing a depreciation map to help you keep track of the changes. This data does not guarantee that you can invest in real estate near downtown Colorado Springs and do better than you would in Black Forest or Northgate. This is general information over every home sold within our local MLS. Within every area, there are always specific deals that do not conform to these averages.

If you subscribe to any of our social media profiles, you'll receive our newest videos in your news feed as soon as we post them. This is one of the best ways to stay up to date with our crazy market shifts. We also recommend finding a good Realtor who you can easily communicate with to help keep you posted. There are some amazing Realtors in Colorado Springs who have a pulse on the market every day.

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Houston Real Estate Appreciation Rates -

If you have any questions about buying or selling a home, please let us know. We're here to help whenever you need us. Today, in part 2 of our analysis of the home price gap between majority black and predominantly white neighborhoods we look at the pattern of home price appreciation for black and white home buyers. Yesterday, in part 1 of our series, we looked at a Brookings Institution report showing that homes in majority black neighborhoods sold at a 20 percent discount to otherwise similar homes in otherwise comparable neighborhoods.

We took a close look at how this plays out in Memphis, a metro area with a large American population. If it was larger in the past and is smaller today, that implies that homes in majority black neighborhoods, although still undervalued relative to homes in predominantly white neighborhoods, have enjoyed greater relative appreciation. From the standpoint of wealth creation, the amount of appreciation since you bought your home is likely to matter more than whether the current price of your house is more or less than otherwise similar properties.

Another way of expressing this is that homeowners in black neighborhoods had a lower purchase price or basis in their home, and even though it is still undervalued, it may have gained more value in percentage terms than homes in non-majority black neighborhoods. Indeed, Dan Immergluck and his colleagues at the Georgia State University found that for those who bought homes in , price appreciation for black homebuyers from through was higher than for white homebuyers.

As Immergluck reports, nationally, a majority of black homebuyers bought homes in neighborhoods that were not majority black.

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Home prices appreciated more for black buyers in strong market cities Boston, California and least in weaker market cities St. Louis, Birmingham. Her results show greater volatility for home prices in black plurality neighborhoods. Her data show home values in plurality black neighborhoods the green line and plurality non-Hispanic white neighborhoods the blue line.

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Houses in black neighborhoods declined more in value from to the housing bust than did homes in white neighborhoods. Immergluck looks just at the recovery and finds faster appreciation in black neighborhoods, Zonta looks at the whole cycle and finds lower overall appreciation in black neighborhoods. View 51 properties. View 9 properties. View 10 properties. View 3 properties. View 93 properties.

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