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The JRB Utilities tool set is very handy to own. EXE command-line utility as follows:.

Then you just open the file in Notepad and search for the address. It also gives you a list for historical purposes. This next solution if from the Novell Coolsolutions. As they say it, this is some "Old School" stuff! Here is one way to do it.

In the login script, set DOS variables for whatever values you want to keep. For example:. This would also build a historical file on the fly. Endpoint Management. Help Yourself.

How to Find Someone Computer's name

Customer Center. About Us. How to Buy. OU bc:4d98 The usernames on a system usually won't have anything to to with the IP address of that system. There are a few ways. Not using C: Use actual unix commands instead of C library functions. Join Date: Oct ISBN: This book is absolutely priceless when learning anything about network comm.

Or just use ping.. Previous Thread Next Thread.

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Search this Thread. Advanced Search. Test Your Knowledge in Science: Computers Difficulty: Easy. IC chips for computer systems are usually made of silicone.

The Monitoring Section Shows IP Addresses Instead of Usernames

Submit Answer. Dear community, I woul like to make a query to output all the users having the same IP address. To find the Ip address of the user who deleted files. Hi, There were a few files deleted from a server by user xyz. Shell Programming and Scripting. Email sent to multiple user address?

Best IP Scanners

Any 1 can help me Panic kernal-mode address fault on user address 0x OS X Apple. Ho do I masquerade the "user user. Hi, I'm brand new here and looking for a solution: I'm using mail or mailx. But how do I change it?

Software End-of-Life (EoL)

There seem to be many solutions but none for Mac OS X Can kernel process access user address space? Hi, All here is not a full version script, just post a sample. Locate a user by their IP address. We have a user that is sending rather large print jobs to a windows printer, we need to track them down and advise a sensible approach to printing. The only thing that shows up in the windows print manager is the IP address of the source.

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Is this achievable? RedHat Commands.