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Because of loop disconnect dialing , attention was devoted to making the numbers difficult to dial accidentally by making them involve long sequences of pulses, such as with the UK emergency number. Subscribers, as they were called then, were even given instructions on how to find the number "9" on the dial in darkened, or smoke-filled, rooms, by locating and placing the first finger in the "0" and the second in the "9", then removing the first when actually dialling. However, in modern times, where repeated sequences of numbers are easily dialled accidentally on mobile phones , this is problematic since mobile phones will dial an emergency number while the keypad is locked or even without a SIM card.

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Because of the design of U. What was up to that time unassigned area code was chosen instead. The "1" as the second digit was key; it told the switching equipment that this was not a routine call. At the time, when the second digit was "1" or "0" the equipment handled the call as a long distance or special number call. The first emergency phone system went into use in Haleyville, Alabama in Tom Bevill, at the city's police station. However, systems were not in widespread use until the s when the number was adopted as the standard number across most of the country under the North American Numbering Plan.

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The implementation of service in the USA was a gradual and haphazard process. Because telephone service boundaries did not always exactly match governmental and other jurisdictional boundaries, a user might dial , only to discover that he had been connected to the wrong dispatch center because he had telephone service from one location but lived within the boundaries of another jurisdiction. Electromechanical switching equipment still in use made it difficult to adapt to recognize , especially in small towns and rural areas where the call might have to be switched over a considerable distance.

At this point, service is available in most of North America, but there are still small, sparsely-populated, or remote areas such as Nunavut and the Northwest Territories in Canada's Arctic that do not have it. Gradually, various problems were overcome; "smart" or " enhanced " systems were developed that not only would display the caller's number and address at the dispatch center but also could be configured so that calls were automatically routed to the correct dispatch center, regardless of what central office the caller was served from.

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In the United States, most cities have E systems either in use, or in their emergency systems design plans. In France , many telephone exchanges were closed at night but it was still possible to make emergency calls. An operator had to connect the emergency calls only.

In , an automatic system was set up. It made provision for calling the police by dialling 17 and the fire brigade by dialling As more manual telephone exchanges were converted to dial operation, more and more subscribers had access to these special numbers. The CEPT recommended the use of in The European Union subsequently adopted the number as a standard on 29 July It works in parallel with other local emergency numbers in about two out of three EU states.

Prior to , Australia did not have a national number for emergency services; the police, fire and ambulance services possessed many phone numbers, one for each local unit. In , the office of the Postmaster General PMG introduced the Triple Zero number in major population centres and near the end of the s extended its coverage to nationwide. The number Triple Zero was chosen for several reasons: technically, it suited the dialling system for the most remote automatic exchanges, particularly outback Queensland.

These communities used the digit 0 to select an automatic trunk line to a centre. Zero is closest to the finger stall on Australian rotary dial phones, so it was easy to dial in darkness.

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The International Telecommunication Union has officially set two standard emergency phone numbers for countries to use in the future. AP reports that member states have agreed that either or should be designated as emergency phone numbers — is currently used in North America, while is standard across the EU and in many other countries worldwide. Mobile phones can be used in countries with different emergency numbers. This means that a traveller visiting a foreign country does not have to know the local emergency numbers.

The mobile phone and the SIM card have a preprogrammed list of emergency numbers. When the user tries to set up a call using an emergency number known by a GSM or 3G phone, the special emergency call setup takes place. The actual number is not even transmitted into the network, but the network redirects the emergency call to the local emergency desk. Most GSM mobile phones can dial emergency numbers even when the phone keyboard is locked, the phone is without a SIM card , emergency number is entered instead of the PIN or there is not a network signal busy network.

Most GSM mobile phones have , and as pre-programmed emergency numbers that are always available.

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The GSM network can also update the list of well-known emergency numbers when the phone registers to it. Using an emergency number recognized by a GSM phone like instead of another emergency number may be advantageous, since GSM phones and networks give special priority to emergency calls. A phone dialing an emergency service number not recognized by it may refuse to roam onto another network, leading to trouble if there is no access to the home network.

Dialing a known emergency number like forces the phone to try the call with any available network. They are also planning on launching how to find names through phone numbers. This way you could know who you would be contacted as well. You could use Melissadata.

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