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Many published, statistics and figures are available on the internet either free or for a fee. Today, yellow pages publications are available for all cities and major town a in the country. New Horizons, a joint venture between the Living Media group of publications and Singapore Telecom has been publishing stand alone directories for specific businesses.

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Business India data base of the Business India publications had been publishing the Delhi Pages directory. It ensures a fast, frictionless flow of information between buyers and sellers of industrial goods and services. This purchasing tool is now available in India.


It features , listing of 40, industrial manufacturers and industrial service categories. It is available in print, CD forms and on the internet. The source Directory brought out by Mumbai based Source Publishers is another example. It covers contact information on advertising agencies and related services and products, music companies, market research agencies, marketing and sales promotion consultants, publication, radio stations and cable and satellite station telemarketing services, among others. It currently has editions for Metro cites.

Most manufacturers of industrial products ensure that a description of their product is published in IPF before they hit the market. Phone data service: Agencies providing phone data services have also come up in major cities in recent times Melior Communication for example, offers a tele-data service. The service is termed Tell me Business through phone service. Its main aim, like that of yellow pages, is to bring buyers and sellers of products together. It also provides some elementary databank support to researchers.

Skip to content. So he came to buy. First, the entire company; and then, part of the company. And he was giving me dotcom stocks, you know, swapping. You know what he said? I was embarrassed. Why would anybody buy any stake at all? And I was a millionaire. In In dollar terms.

I had the money in my bank; can you believe it? In just three years, from where I had no money to buy telephone lines, I had become a millionaire. There is a lot of glamour associated with the Internet these days. There is noise, media, valuations; but you know, in life, it is not easy to make money.

To run a successful organization is not easy. In the start-up world of private valuations, JD is a publicly listed company.

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Along with his brother and wife, Mani holds As of July , JD employed over 10, people. Importantly, JD has been in business for quite a while—19 years, to be exact. All of which means that Mani has seen India change. And there is only one way to put it; that when Mani started out, it must have been a pretty bleak world. Growing up in Calcutta as the city was known back then , Mani had fairly simple and well defined goals—he would pursue a degree in commerce and chartered accountancy CA.

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He attempted both, at the University of Delhi, but dropped out of both due to financial pressure. Except, it had a different name and was called Ask Me. Back then, finding any information was a chore. Only two sources existed—a cumbersome book of listings arranged in alphabetical order that would be updated once a year or the government-run helpline number As fate would have it, Mani was employed with a Yellow Pages company, which published one of those information directories. He Aggarwal loved the idea and after that, he was after me for months to start this business and I refused to take his calls.

I was not ready to take the plunge into business.

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After a while, Mani succumbed. But right from day one, Ask Me was a non-starter. Needless to say, Ask Me applied for phones but it would take years for it to come through. In , he quit, but he had been bitten by the entrepreneurial bug.

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Mani dabbled in a few other ventures, but they never really took off. So, in , he bid goodbye to Delhi and moved to Bombay as the city was called back then and started his own publication called Wedding Planner. It was distributed free by the Times of India to its matrimonial advertisers. That, too, lasted a while.


But, by , Mani felt things had begun to change and it was time to revisit the Ask Me idea. But the dial-up network was so bad. It would take minutes to get through and then it would barely last. Like America Online and all. But for me as an entrepreneur, I knew it would take time and I wanted to ride the telecom wave. People would call and we would actually read out the information. Then, in , at the height of the dotcom boom, JD went online.

There was a search box, where people could key in queries on products and services. After the bust, in , JD shut down its website.

So we focused on telecom. While JD grew, in , the firm once again flirted with the website idea. After a few months, it ran into the same problem. No monetization.

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So, once again, Mani put the project on hold. As the company grew to more cities, it found interest from investors. The rest is history. We were sold. We loved his passion and his ability to build a real business with very little capital. At JD, there was enough and more money in the bank. Imagine, this is 10 years after registering the domain name. And the price of personal computers was a significant barrier to entry. But the fact that the Internet would be big was evident.